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Munich based producer Matthias Falkenstein takes the helm for the next Tic Tac Toe and is backed up by remixes from label boss Patrick Bateman as well as one from himself under another guise, namely Dimbidub.

With a vast discography that deals mainly in dubby techno for labels like Eintakt and Gynoid Audio, Falkenstein also heads up his own Diametral label alongside Oliver Roos and so is as influential as they come in the scene.

First track ‘Bodyspam’ is built on a rolling, incessant kick drum and above are huge smears of echo and vast chords that disappear to nothing as a little infectious hi-hat tick keeps you locked in the middle of it all. Simple but effective, Patrick Bateman lays in more texture and detail in the form of a crackling static energy and more prominent kick drum. So too do his synths get skewed, twisted and turned that bit more than in the original, making it a more ominous track as a result.

Falkenstein’s second original ‘Lost Impact’ is more unsettled and unsettling than the first. It still sounds like a vast echo chamber, but this time beats jostle for your attention, synth stabs add a sense of nervousness and there’s a dark tension from start to finish that never lets up.

Remixing his own track as Dimbidub, Falkenstein sees fit to strip everything back to a spring like dub mood that’s soothing and seductive, rippling and riveting in equal measure and in doing so closes out another on-point EP from Tic Tac Toe.

Support from these fine artists:
Samuli Kemppi, Todd Bodine, Matt Keyl, Seph, Alland Byallo, Dsan Powell, Nomenklatür, Tim Xavier, Axel Bartsch, Laurent Garnier, Brothers’ Vibe, Franco Bianco, Jorge Savoretti, Raymundo Rodriguez, Ray Nicholes, Noah Pred, Brett Johnson, Electric Rescue and many more… !

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