Artist: Sid Dithers vs Johny la Rue
Title: The Exercise Mask EP
Format: Vinyl 12”
Cat.No.: TTT 002
Releasedate: 22.12.2004
A: Johny la Rue – Dakota
B1: Sid Dithers – Montreality TV
B2: Sid Dithers – Freezerburn

– the new Danish label for high end productions in the minimal house/techno neighbourhood – is back. It’s only been two months since we spurred attention with our first release, but now we are ready for more.

We are extremely proud to present this exclusive release by two of Canada’s most groundbreaking innovators Mike Shannon and Jeff Milligan – on this release recording under the moniker Sid Dithers vs Johny la Rue.

Shannon/Sid Dithers presents two tracks: Montreality TV, thumbing and grooving with a jazzy bass and a huge potential for the minimal dance floors – and Freezerburn, an updated flavour of the Basic Channelesque, but with a distinct Shannon fingerprint.
The Milligan/Johny la Rue track Dakota is deep and dubby, slow and crawling with a minimal smoothness that grows on you.

The track of the two gentlemens’ careers mirrors the 1990s emergence of a Canadian electronic music scene that has taken the best from both the European and US electronic scenes and refined it into its own unique blend.

Mike Shannon began DJing at the age of twelve. In 1999 he was offered a residency at Mario J’s Techno Fridays at the legendary Industry Nightclub in Toronto and launched Cynosure Recordings. In its four years of existence, Cynosure has released singles by such renowned artists as Matt Thibideau, Deadbeat and J.Hunsberger.

In 2001, Force Inc. Music Works signed his full-length debut, “Slight of Hand”, received favourably by international critics. Shannon has also released on Logistic Recordings, Blue Recordings and 240 Volts and has offered his remixing talents to Fabric and Mutek among others.

In 2000 Shannon partnered up with Jeff Milligan and today, they run Cynosure and Milligan’s Revolver together.

Jeff Milligan had his first exposure to electronic music at the age of 14 – in 1986. As a Dj, Milligan was the key player in the growth of electronic music culture in Canada, preceded only by Richie Hawtin.

Milligan started producing minimal music under the Algorithm moniker and later started Revolver Canada Recordings with former label mate, Robin Roy. Revolver 0001 was met with high critical acclaim worldwide, and led to a seminal relationship developing with Cologne ground breaker Kompakt in Germany.

Over the past few years, Revolver Canada has released a catalogue of twelve recordings, primarily consisting of Canadian artists including among others Akufen, Mole, Deadbeat, Pan/Tone and of course: Mike Shannon.

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