Nomenklatür is a fast rising French production duo that are exploring the dark face of techno on labels like My Favorite Robot Records and Swap Recordings, with plenty of support from minimal masters like Richie Hawtin this year. Here they debut on Tic Tac Toe with a pumping, dancefloor facing three tracker of abstract, stripped back techno.

‘Self Confident’ opens the EP with a pinging kick drum taking us through some deserted city street in the dead of night. Alien synths pan across the landscape as percussive grumbles build and build to hurry you along. Evocative and filmic, it keeps your head as busy as it does your heels.

Next up. ‘Hidden Place’ is a little more eerie and mysterious, it’s hesitant in the way it roams forwards with saltshakers, ominous bass notes and a skipping drum line all sounding like a sci-fi adventure. Hunkered down in the depths, your senses are tingled by frazzled little synth blisters as you surf through darkened ambiances and bleak landscapes with the intensity slowly building throughout.

Closing out the EP is ‘Hunter Profile’ which is as predatory as it sounds. Here the drums and perc hurry you along as human gurgles and occult spaceship sounds race by in the background like the scenery out of a train window. But this is a train ride to nowhere expect the hypnotic depths of the most reductive dancefloor.

Nomenklatür here prove that the best minimal techno can still be evocative and cinematic at the same time as making you want to dance. Tic Tac Toe have done a great job in unearthing this pair of talents.


1 – Nomenklatür – Self Confident

2 – Nomenklatür – Hidden Place

3 – Nomenklatür – Hunter Profile

You can buy the release here:

Support from these fine DJ’s:
Richie Hawtin, Magda, Luke Slater, Paco Osuna, Seph, Alland Byallo, Noah Pred, Andrew Grant, From Karaoke To Stardom, The Hacker, Benjamin Fehr, Paul Brtschitsch, Nico Lahs, Axel Bartsch, Patrick Zigon, Oliver Deutschmann, and many many more..

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