Connect Four returns with another tempting slice of wax (and digital if you prefer) from Clark Davis with his Postman EP that also includes a remix from Alphahouse Records boss, Butane.

Hamburg’s Davis has been crafting his own shifty Tech-house weapons since 2008 on labels likes Affin and Third Wave. His sound is deep yet propulsive and never relies on a single standard sound, instead Davis seems to make even the familiar sound fresh.

It is Butane’s remix of ‘Postman’ that opens the EP with plenty of criss-cross percussive lines riding atop a snaking bottom end. There’s an echoing, shady female vocal shimmering in the shadows as clattering percussion and techno leaning hi hat ringlets race forwards, too. It’s a track that bubbles and simmers with rawness without ever fully boiling over.

In its original form, ‘Postman’ is a subtle, deep-cut groove that gets coloured with crunchy hits and a beautifully whimsical female vocal that fades in and out of focus. Gentle congas also litter the spare house arrangement, making it a perfect slow burner that will wither take you up or bring you down depending on when it’s dropped.

‘Grandma’s Last Flight’ is a perfect mix of the rough with the smooth, the mechanical with the organic: as wavy basslines and warm synths ring out, shaper edged percussion cut right through to make a body popping deep house groove with plenty of propulsion and purpose.

Postman is an EP that will likely bring some much warranted attention on Clark Davis at the same time as continuing in Connect Four’s great tradition of deeper club music.

A1: Clark Davis – Postman (Butane Remix)

B1: Clark Davis – Postman

B2: Clark Davis – Grandma’s Last Flight

Support from these fine DJ’s:
Adam Port, Bill Patrick, Sebo K, Adam Beyer, Noah Pred, tINI, Alejandro Vivanco, Joseph Capriati, Nima Gorji, Someone Else, Troy Pierce, Alland Byallo, Ekkohaus, Mihai Popoviciu, Raymundo Rodriguez, Patrick Zigon, Lenny Posso, Paneoh, Cesare vs Disorder, Mr.Statik, Tony Rodriguez and many more…

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